If you've been to the freestyle.ch and the Nike 6.0 signing session on the Sunday, you probably already noticed that Finnish shred machine Peetu Piiroinen is now not only rocking Nike footwear but is also dressed in neon outerwear that sports the swoosh.

Peetu isn't only the first rider ever to win two consecutive TTR titles and current Olympic silver medalist but also stomps the most technical tricks so effortlessly and smooth, that it leaves you speechless - which he proofed again at the freestyle.ch on the weekend.

You might know that he's not exactly a man of many words, so his statement about the new extended partnership was a short and sweet: "It’s great to be part of the 6.0 family, the new outerwear line is looking great and I’m excited about the coming season. I had an amazing last winter and everything feels good in early season sessions. I’m super motivated to ride." If you ride like Peetu, you don't really have to say much more.