We had the opportunity to spend time with our good friend and shred pal Patrick McCarthy a couple two-three weeks ago and here's what went down!

So we were rolling through Bellingham on our way from Hood to Whistler when we stopped by Patrick McCarthy's house (we should say one of Patrick's cribs he's quickly becoming a real estate mogul in the great Northwest).

Not only was it Patrick's birthday, but he had just finished editing his part in the Mack Dawg film Down With People AND he also was hellamperstokerfested on his new sig model from Option Snowboards. Could it get any better than this? We didn't think so, until Patrick threw down the Œ you play croquet‚ bait. Play it? We fucking own it (actually we were talking through our asses, but when someone challenges you to anything you step up and act like you invented the damn thing).

So we rolled out to the backyard, where the most ridiculous croquet course was laid out. Normally, croquet fields are set-up in a fairly standard/regulation lay-out. Not this course, among the objects to navigate were a underused fire-pit/flower garden, we couldn‚t tell what the hell it was, an up-hill shot, tons of down-hill shots ultimately leading you to the front yard to the other post.

Game on.

First game wasn't even close, I was on fire and even made a double wicket-downhill banked wall shot that had McCarthy feeling the heat.

Second game all McCarthy, it was destruction at its finest.

Best of three rubber match was on. The match was neck-and-neck all the way up to the final shot, which unfortunately for me, Patrick made. Hell it was his birthday and it was his home court, but next time McCarthy, I'm bringing my mallets and you're going down.

Happy Birthday Patrick and if you haven't gotten a chance to check out Patrick's shredding antics pick up a copy of the Mack Dawg flick Down With People due out this fall.

Shred on!