Greetings from Deep South Argentina. Our crew of shred ready people have assembled on the area of Bariloche for a bit of Southern Hemisphere winter and I think we may have gotten here at the right moment. Its Jake Blauvelt, Stepehen Duke, myself (Shin Campos), and shooter Geoff Andruik who’ve come to cover this amazing area courtesy of Future Snowboarding Mag. Of course we needed some on location inside hookups so we’ve teamed up with Spencer Francey (S. American expert and logistical wizard) and Powderquest Tours owner David Owen ( ) and they’ve come thru strong.

We’ll be sending out some on the spot updates over the next 2 weeks but here’s a taste of what we’ve stumbled into. Its dumped over 5 feet and we hope its doesn’t get warm as the weatherman says it might but stay tuned and we’ll let you know. Oh yeah by the way the steaks here are the best in the world!!

Peace for now

Shin Campos

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