Now in its fifth year, O’Neill’s H-Division continues to blaze a trail in the area of innovation. With the development of the first ever NavJacket (GPS navigation for the slopes), as well as the first ever audio-sweater, the providing new and innovative technology for the mountains as well as the streets once again this season.


Sitting at the pinnacle of the already innovative H-Division for fall/winter 2008/09 is the NavJacket, featuring a dedicated navigation tool for winter sports. The NavJacket provides never seen before navigation on the mountains integrated into a high performance Gore-Tex® jacket.

Forget the days of standing on the slopes attempting to read wind-torn maps. The NavJacket instead allows you to easily find your way through the mountains with the help of the integrated LCD display on the sleeve. Simply enter your desired location and let the NavJacket guide you effortlessly down the slopes. And it doesn’t just stop with navigation. Your current speed, time and in-depth details about your route, such as distance and time have all been incorporated into the LCD display on the jacket’s sleeve using the latest technology.

An additional innovative feature of the NavJacket is a friend finder function, which will allow you to either track down friends, or choose to follow their path through the slopes.


The H-Division iPod styles this season feature an improved tactile keypad for instant feedback and total control of the functionality of your iPod, as well as a dedicated iPod storage compartment.

This season, the iPod styles have been developed not only in the technical Explore series snow jackets for exploration into the backcountry, but also for the first season ever in a casual jacket as well. Next to the iPod jackets the H-Division also developed a backpack for coming winter. The keypad is positioned on the strap of the backpack, which makes it easy to handle even while you are riding.

H-DIVISION AUDIO STYLES In a first-ever for the industry, O’Neill’s H-Division has integrated audio into a hooded sweat to provide a unique experience in music-listening. Small lightweight speakers have been tucked into the hood of the sweat (removable for washing) and your iPod connects through the pocket and into a dedicated iPod storage compartment. The three sweat designs are unique to this H-Division range, with particular detail shown in the boys range with the detailing of a headphone on the hood.

The H-Division Audio Style range also includes the audio beanie, with improved speakers integrated into the 5 different styles of headwear.


Building on the success of the Campack’s first two seasons, this year’s model sees an even more exceptional quality of camera than ever before. The fully functional snowboard backpack also features an integrated portable media player as well as a helmet mounted camera lens.

Just like last year’s Campack it’s all about ease of use. The wearer is able to start and stop recording almost effortlessly by pressing a large button positioned on the left shoulder strap. There’s quite simply no better way to film freestyle and freeride snowboarding action before sharing the footage over the internet with friends and fellow web surfers.

The portable media player, meanwhile, is positioned in the backpack’s top pocket. Serving to record all footage captured by the goggle strap or helmet mounted camera lens, the portable media player writes the files directly to an SD card, which can then be inserted easily into any PC for instant reviewing. On the mountain, the user is able to review footage as and when desired by opening the top pocket and operating controls positioned behind the zipper. As the portable media player stored safely between protective padding in the backpack’s top pocket, the user has an empty main compartment in which to store any essentials, as well as a dedicated shovel pocket and avalanche probe pocket. The user is also able to attach a snowboard horizontally to the backpack using the external snowboard-carrying straps, and the backpack has also been designed to accommodate a hydrating camelback system – ideal for all-day backcountry hiking expeditions.