Onboardmag.com has undergone as massive overhaul, and now features category-based browsing, a 21st century like appearance, bigger and better photo viewing, and it is optimised to be viewed on your phone.

Our old layout was basically a blog-like stream of posts. We have changed that. From now on you can see on our home page little category sections like videos, news and galleries, which mean you can see the latest posts from each of these sections without leaving the home page.

Also, the site now displays like a charm on your phone, tablet, or good old desktop computer. In recent times we've seen a massive increase in visitors from mobile devices, and this should help improve their experience on onboardmag.com.

Another big change concerns photos. We now have an all-new gallery viewer, which offers a full-screen mode. Check it out here! Never has viewing snowboard photography online been such a pleasant experience. It's almost like reading a print mag! Keep your eyes peeled for new galleries over the next few weeks!

You might have also noticed that the other day the video player has been revamped. It looks now totally different, loads a lot faster, has a slo-mo button and a 3-second rewind button, which will make watching a specific trick over and over again a lot easier. It also has a built-in Share-button, which is great to keep the entire online world up to date.

So, this is it. We are still giving the site its finishing touches (we're working on the missing thumbnails), and adding more features in the weeks to come. We’d like to know what you think about these changes, so please leave your comments below – good or bad, we don’t mind at all, we’d just appreciate your feedback.

Enjoy the new site & ride on

Your Onboard Crew