[Photo: Peter Lundström.]

We are starting to put together our 09/10 Product Guide (yes, already) and want your kit-related questions to answer in the mag.

If you've ever been confused by any aspect of snowboarding gear, its jargon and the many factors that go into getting what's right for you, then now's your chance to have your questions answered by our panel of experts. Hardware, outerwear, impact protection... questions on any kind product that you'd use when shredding the hill are what we're after.

We will be picking 20 readers' questions to answer, so if any of you have anything you've never quite understood, that confuses the hell out of you or you want the inside line on, make sure you write to us on {encode="thecrew@onboardmag.com" title="thecrew@onboardmag.com"} and the 20 that we think are most interesting we'll run in the Product Guide that hits shelves 30 July 2009. Put the subject as 'Product Guide Questions'.

Thank you, goodnight. Much love.

- The Onboard crew.