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Onboard & Volcom PBRJ comp: the winners

Volcom and Onboard has offered you the chance to win an all inclusive trip to Laax for the finals of the Peanut Butter & Rail Jam 2010, and here are the official results.

You guys have been pretty talented at naming the tricks well, as well as being very creative on other trick terms, to say the least. But the best of you all, who had the privilege to go and judge at the Euro finals, all expenses paid, was Max Wettstein from Germany. He even corrected some of the senior trickspellers around, and got 21 rights answers out of 24! His mistakes: on the second trick, Mark Swoboda is riding switch, and sorry but a ‘one foot indy tap’ is most commonly known as a Fast Plant… Anyways, congrats to him! We hope he enjoyed his crazy week-end in Laax with all the pros!

Here’s the list of the 4 other winners to win one year free subscription at Onboard, for showing us all their talents at spelling – or smelling trick names:

1st Place: Max Wettstein

1. Backside 180 in to swicht tailpress buttering 180 backside 180 off

2. Backside tailslide 270 off

3. Frontside bluntslide 270 off

4. Gap stailfish to frontside boardslide

5. Tailslide to frontside boardslide

6. 50-50 gap frontside 360 off

7. MJ ( michael jackson)

8. Gap backside 180 in cap 180 off

9. Onefoot gap to special playstation onefoot slide

10. 50-50 frontside sexchange swichtch backside 180 off

11. Noseslide backside 270 off

12. Backside tailslide 270 off

13. Boardslide to switch 50-50 switch backside 180 off

14. Gap backside 180 in revard

15. onefoot indy tap

16. Frontside 270 in to switch backside 270 switch tailpress switch backside 180 off

17. Gap frontside 360 in 50-50 frontside 180 off

18. Hardway backside 270 in boardslide backside 270 off

19. 50-50 frontboard prezel off

20. Gap tailbonk

21. Libslide frontside 270 off

22. Frontside bluntslide backside 270 off

23. Gap hardway frontside 270 to frontside boardslide

24. Gap backside 450 in switch off

Second Place: Alex Simopoulos

1. nosepress revert till i die or carousel

2.nollie back lip 270 out.

3.fs blunt 270 out

3.stalefish gap to fs board or THE BLUFF

4.bs board to sw fs board or the double penetration

5.50-50 gap 360 out.

6.mj or the king is dead or beat THIS

7.bs180 to 50-50  sw fs 180 out

8.the flamingow

9.fs 5050 revert 180 out or what the fuck

10.180 sw 5-0 360 out or smth i didnt like this trick a lot.

11.nollie back lip 270 out or fakie who knows:p

12.fs nose to sw 5050 180 out

13.gap hardway bs 180 to 5050 180 out or EAT SHIT!


15.fs 270 to switch fs blunt to sw 5-0 bs 180 out.

16.nice gap 360 to 5050 to 180 out

17.nollie bs 270 to board 270 out or the hellacopter.

18.the nosebleed

19.the brocken comdom(you get in and you have to get out again without taking the pleasure)

20.fs tail 270 out

21.fs blunt 270 out ( 270s are in fashion:p)

22.gap 270 to fs board THE HARDWAYYYY.

23.bs 450 to fs board or blunt(i bet he didnt knew either what he was going to do:p)

24.i somehow missed a trick…

Third Place: Aleksi Kemilainen

1.-bs270 in bs 2 out(the spinner)

2.-nollie bs tail 270 out

3.-fs blunt 270 out

4.-Stalefish to fs board

5.-cab 1 to 5050 to fs board

6.-5050 to 360 out over the downbar


8.-bs1 in cab1 out

9.-cap to one foot crossfooted 5050

10.-toeside cab1 to 5050 to 180 out

11.-fs 1 in  cab3 out

12.-nollie bs taislide 270 out

13.-boardslide to 5050 180 out

14.-Anssi Paatero´s special move “the turner” , bs 1 in ss bs 1 out


16.-cab 270 to 270 switch up to 5050 bs 1 out

17.-fs3 in , 180 out

18.-Wrong side(heelside) bs 270 in and 270 out

19.-5050 to fs board prezel out

20.-gap to tailtap

21.-fs lipslide 270out

22.-fs blunt 270 out

23.-gap toeside fs270


Fourth Place: Keijo Ruuven

1. Backside 180 to tailpress 180 to 180 off

2. Nollie bs tailslide 270 out

3. Fs bluntslide 270 out

4. Stalefish to frontside boardslide

5. Bs boardslide to switch fs boardslide

6. Fs 50-50 to fs 360 out

7. Michael Jackson

8. Bs 180 to bs 50-50 nosebonk 180 out

9. One footed transfer to cross-legged 50-50

10. Fs nosebluntslide to 50-50 to 180 out

11. Bs overcrooked noseslide to pretzel 270 out.

12. Bs tailslide to 270 out

13. Bs noseslide to nosebonk? 50-50 to 180 out

14. Bs 180 to 50-50 pretzel 180 out

15. Fastplant on a bigass tire.

16. Fs 270 to frontside noseslide 180 switch bs tailslide 270 out

17. Fs 450 to bs boardslide to fakie.

18. Nollie bs 270 to bs bluntslide(boardslide) 270 out

19. 50-50 to fs boardslide pretzel 270 out

20. Transfer tailtap.

21. Fs lipslide 270 out

22. Fs bluntslide 270 out

23. Toe-edge fs 270 to fs boardslide to fakie

24. Bs 450 to fs bluntslide(boardslide) to fakie.

Fifth Place: Noel Garsou

Nose toupie

Nollie bs tail 270 out

Nollie fs blunt 270 out

Stalefish to fs boardslide

boardslide to fs boardslide

fifty to fs 3.6 out

un putain de mj slide

bs 180 to SW fifty to 180 out

one foot to Fred Astaire slide

180 fifty shifty quelque chose 180 out

fs 180 sw five-0 3.6 revert

nollie bs lipslide 270 out

Boardslide to sw fifty bs 180 out

180 back sw fifty revert !!

(hummm je veux être la tartine)


fs 270 frontboard to five-0 bs 180 out

Fs 3.6 fifty 180 out

nollie bs 270 boardslide 270 out

fifty to frontboard pretzel

tail tap

fs tailslide 270 out

fs blunt 270 out

nollie 270 fsboard 270 out

bs 450 frontboard to fakie

Congrats to all of you guys, your skills and (sometimes or) creativity will bring you Onboard magazine to your door for the next coming year, as well as the infamous Volcom PBRJ prize pack!

See full report of the Euro PBRJ 2010 here.


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