Praise the shred gods, as winter is around the corner and that can only mean one thing: premier time! And this year, we've decided to join the fun again so make sure you party with us at the Videograss Movie Tour through Europe!

And because this year Videograss produced not one but two separate movies, we'll have both to show you: Retrospect and Shoot The Moon, from the Videograss Production House.

For the first stop in Munich, we're having a special WeiƟwurst celebration with Planet Sports at their flagship store Oberanger 16 at 2pm, to make sure everyone is invigorated and ready for the party mayhem that'll be kicking off at 9pm in the Art Babel close to the Hauptbahnhof.

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Be there to meet the producers (Justin Meyer from Shoot The Moon and Joe Carlino and Hayden Rensch from Retrospect), riders (Ethan Deiss, Louif Paradis, Harrison Gordon, Austin Smith, Bryan Fox and Curtis Ciszek) and our motley crew, of course.

If you can't make Munich, try to catch them at one of the other stops around Europe, including:

September 30- Innsbruck, Austria- TBA

October 1- Moscow, Russia- TBA

October 1- Aspen, CO

Retrospect with The Pirates

The Meeting

The Belly Up

October 1- Zurich, Switzerland- TBA

October 7- Milan, Italy

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All Ages

October 10- Barcelona, Spain- TBA

October 13- Grenoble, France

Retrospect And Shoot The Moon

Snowboard Garden Festival

October 14- Athens, Greece

Retrospect And Shoot The Moon


Konstantinoupoleos Str. Gazi


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