Making Deeper, Victor De Le Rue, Siberia By Train, Influential Riders of the 00s, and more...

So, you’ve read last month's Product Guide from cover to cover and you’ve finally decided what you’re gonna be rocking this season. Well, now it's time to get serious: in this, our 115th edition, we’ve got heaps of our usual awesomeness to get you psyched for winter and remind you that park days and crazy pow lines are just around the corner. Here'a a taster...

Making Deeper


What better way to rekindle our love for said crazy pow lines than taking a goosey gander at Deeper, big mountain slayer Jeremy Jones’ two-year movie masterpiece that explores areas inaccessible by lift, snowmobiles and even helicopters. Sure to rock your socks off.

Victor De Le Rue Interview

De Le Rue Interview

The Victor De Le Rue interview: the youngest De Le Rue brother talks of family life with X-Games and Olympic bronze medalists for brothers. Turns out it ain't no thang as VDLR's forging his own path in freestyle shredding, and he ain't half good. Check out what's up and what’s in the pipeline for the promising young Frenchman.

Eastern Exposure

Eastern Exposure

The Siberian Railway’s the longest in the world, and we find out what happens when a combo of Finns and Italians travel, shred and drink their way through Russia. Stories of the Siberian Railway serial killer and a Miss Siberia contest ensue.

Riders of the 00s

Most influential riders of 00's

Now that we're firing full steam into a new decade, we take a look back and give you the DL on the fifteen most influential riders from the last 10 years. These guys and girls helped make snowboarding what it is today and have been responsible for the biggest WTF moments in recent memory.


As well as all the banging features above, we’ve got a bunch of usuals, including a look at what European snowboarding's future might look like as the groms run riot at the World Rookie Fest, IsenSeven slasher Alex Tank showing you the what's up in Trickology and a How To make cyanotype photo prints that you'll see in our monthly The Big Picture photo feature. We’ve also even got Terje Haakonsen talking Arctic Challenge and of his disdain for the IOC.

Nuf said, she’s on sale today. Go on ‘n’ get some!

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