Are you the one we need?

Applicants must live, sleep and breath snowboarding, be able to write knowledgably and creatively about it and must be bilingual in German and English to translate content so that it reads well to a native ripper. Experience with all Mac programs essential for producing a magazine from beginning to press is preferable.

The fulltime position entails providing features and regulars for the magazine - including product reviews, contest reports, interviews and travel stories - as well as content for In the winter you will also have to spend some weekends on the road covering events or accompanying our team of senior photographers on trips. But you do get to shred and see some of the best riders rip at the same time.

Please apply in writing to {encode="" title="Daniel Burrows"} and {encode="" title="Melanie Schönthier"} and include a CV, examples of your writing and a 250-word essay on why you are the best person for this job.