A product that seems built to last, The Extr-Eco Wiggle Stick featuring B.S. Technology increases your fun factor without sacrificing personal style.

Omatic Snowboards is proud to announce the 2010 Extr-Eco Wiggle Stick featuring B.S. technology (patent pending) has just received the "Platinum Pick" Award for Excellence in Design by Snowboard Magazine for the 2010 winter season. Awarded the "Platinum Pick" for Excellence in Design. The Extr-Eco Wiggle Stick featuring B.S. technology (patent pending)

OK ok, we know what you're thinking and you may well be asking yourself what the heck are you guys talking about? Well here's the low down.

Our B.S. Technology combines reverse camber with a convex base profile that lifts the edges off the snow or jib surface between the contact points while the center of board remains directly in contact with the snow creating a loose ride that eliminates the much feared Armageddon edge-catch. Originally developed to give a little somethin' somethin' to take the edge off those boilerplate park days and street rail sessions, B.S. Technology provides increased maneuverability and a lively ride on all terrain.

Our B.S. Technology has the greatest mix of ease and versatility in any condition. Whether cruising through mini shred, big park, trees or steep terrain, the B.S. Tech provides a forgiving non-edge catching feeling that allows you to pull off even the most difficult tricks.

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In efforts to continue to be green we have decided to melt down our award and use it for a hood ornament on our bio-diesel Hummer.

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