O-Matic Snowboards Make The Grade In Snowboarding’s Most Influential Board Test. The ‘Benatar’ And ‘Wig Out’ Boards Earn TransWorld Snowboarding Magazine’s “Good Wood" Seal Of Approval.

We started doing backflips in the office when the call came in. Two models in our Omatic Snowboards line earned the coveted “Good Wood" rating in the sports most important and prestigious independent board test. TransWorld Snowboarding Magazine, the number one mag in snowboarding put our boards up against all the best in the business and we came out on top. This blind performance board test has come to define practical board testing in the U.S. and stands as the benchmark for comparative consumer visibility. Everyone sees the test and boards which receive the “Good Wood" grade are annual favorites for both the riders and the retailers. There are a variety of criteria for performance and we nailed ‘em all shut with the Wig Out and Benatar. Now you really can believe the hype. Pro rider and founder Todd Richards couldn’t be happier about the outcome of the board test, “Hey dudes, the results of the board test and Omatic’s ranking say all that needs to be said. Omatic killed it."

We’ve known all along that our boards are world-class; since they perform like a dream for our hard-hitting team of professional shredders. But now the newbies, skeptics, non-believers, and tundra wookies will know the score. Omatic boards rule. And this time, its not just hot air; seriously.

Omatic Wigout

Omatic Benatar

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