Five weeks left to go and this year’s Oakley Jib-Vid is set to be a blinder. It is set to be one of the most creative and original competitions of this winter for sure! We believe it is essential for snowboarding to keep trying out new contest formats and just getting a little creative, which the boys behind this comp are definitely doing!

If you haven’t already entered then head to the website, and check out the 2008 event teaser which is sure to get your creative juices flowing. There are still a limited number of team places available, so submit your entry before it’s too late! Do yourself the favour.

A 6000€ prize purse and additional XBOX consoles for each member of the winning team should be incentive enough, but it's the competition format and idea is what makes the Oakley Jib-Vid an event definitely worth checking out.

XBOX have also stepped up to support the most highly contended of the creative prizes, best trick. The sickest trick in the entire competition will be rewarded with an XBOX console, coupled together with lots of other goodies to be won. The Jib-Vid website has got all the details on that, so have a little sneak peak.

Keep your eye’s peeled for the Vans Penken Park spot check which is coming soon, giving you a great taste of what can be expected. The event website will have all the latest competition news and information. However, if you want to have your say, become a fan the new interactive Bebo page. Sign up and get involved!

Date you should pencil in: March 26th-28th

See you there.