Scrapbook finds some snow in.......Morocco.

Normally you don't find words “Africa" and “snow" in the same sentence... However the Scrapbook crew traveled all the way to Morocco in search of snow and exotic places to snowboard. That's exactly what they found in Oukaimeden ski resort. It's a small resort just a small drive away from heart of Morocco, Marrakesh. Thanks to our quide Amin Ben Larbin, we got a chance to get to know the local culture, delicious Moroccon food and unique landscapes. It was spring conditions in the mountains with lots of sun. Oukaimeden offered the crew a whole variety of locations to film and snowboard. “Morocco. It was great! It was absolutely worth going. Snowboarding in Africa was better than I ever could have imagined!" said Antti-Juhani Piirainen after returning from this interesting trip.

The Scrapbook Project is a new Finnish documentary movie about.....snowboarding. It's goal is to portray how a snowboard film is made, with all it's up and downsides. See what it takes to get a video part together, and all that goes into it. The documentary follows a group of pro and am riders the whole year round from Autumn to Summer. Sound pretty interesting to us! Can't wait to see it drop next Fall.

The Scrapbook website.