Nomis Introduces Nicola Borella

Nicola Borella

age: 25 anni

live: Bergamo

Snowboard : 13 years

Resort: Livigno

height: 175

weight: 70 kg

Sponsors: Salomon Bonfire, Salice, Nomis,Grenade e New School Snowboard Shop

board length: 157

Stance: 60

angles +15 -12

Nicola is the new italian addition to the EU team. He is back now from a bad injury happened at Livigno's River Jump, but all is super fine with Nicola right now. Next year he will be back more motivated after this forced stop. This summer you maybe will find him surfing with his new van ! Wellcome onboard Nicola !

Oh here is a bit of the river jump comp that gave Nicola a kicking.