You thought it was just for guys? Psych! Check out the girls version!

All the NOMIS girls will be a little hotter this year, when they are wearing the new Womens Heated Hoody. Retailing exclusively available at FS in Canada, the Womens Heated Hoody is already dissapearing off the shelves. If you are in the area of Alberta, go to FS and check them out. At this time the hoody is not available for purchase online, but is accepting orders over the phone. If you live in the US of A, I'm sure the good folks at FS would be happy to work out something with you. Check them out at...

FS Girls 780 487 7658 or FS (South location) 780 439 8666.

Technical Specs

- 80% Cotton 20% Poly fleece. - Heating System - 3 Heating Coils - 8 Hour Rechargeable Battery - Fully Washable - 3 Color Metalic Plaid Print - Custom Zip Pull and Draw String

Check out more on the Nomis Design site.