This little blighter's like a down jacket for your portable communicator. It'll make the battery last longer while you're on the shralp, meaning you'll be able to bag even more instabangers to hashtag the hell out of. Have a look...

Nokia and Burton have joined forces to combine their considerable mobile phone and mountain expertise and offer discerning snowboarders the perfect solution this winter: the Nokia x Burton Insulator Case wraps your phone in cosy layers of soft fur-lining and 3M™Thinsulate™ to help protect it from the cold and snow. Tests carried out by stern-looking men in labcoats indicate that having your phone in one of these so will help extend your phone's battery life by up to 50% in cold or sub zero temperatures.

Happily for the cackhanded out there - of which we include ourselves - each Insulator Case also has a leash so you don't drop the lot while getting on and off the chair lift, and is also roomy enough to store cards, cash and keys.

These phone bags are set to retail at €20 to €25 and there's a good chance you can find out where to get your hands on one by hitting up