The Grand Slam in Snowboarding

The world’s best snowboarders compete on precious points for the Swatch TTR World Championship at the Nokia Air & Style 07

On December 01st the entire snowboard world-elite competes for the ‘Ring of Glory’ and important points for the TTR world ranking at the Nokia Air & Style 07 in Munich. Ranked as 'Six-Star-Event’ of the highest category the Nokia Air & Style takes in a special position at the schedule of the Swatch TTR World Snowboard Tour.

At the Nokia Air & Style 07 once again the snowboard world elite lines up. The 16 launch sites are in great demand among the riders. However, the strong field of starters at the Nokia Air & Style 07 is accomplished according to strict criteria: only the best eight riders of the previous year, the first four riders of the TTR world ranking, three wildcard owners and the winner of last year’s Rookie Challenge are invited. On December 1st these 16 selected riders compete against each other in a k.o. mode, until only four riders are left. Those final four contest the superfinal. Four times three jumps and the winner is determined.

Each rider has three ‘runs’ per round, from which only the best one counts. The jumps are judged by three internationally experienced judges, each awarding 0 to 100 points to every jump, according to objective criteria like difficulty, number of the rotations, width and stylistic performance. Beside the importance for the world ranking – 1.000 points are credited to the winner – the Nokia Air & Style Champion also receives the ‘Ring of Glory ', a manually manufactured silver ring.

Witnessed by 5.000 spectators, the Air & Style started as the first ‚In-City Freestyle Straight Jump Snowboard-Contest’ of the world in Innsbruck in 1994. Today the event is the most important winter event for the athletes. The competition has an enormous relevance for the development and acceptance of snowboarding: being one of only six ‚Six-Star-Events’ in the schedule of the Swatch TTR World Snowboard Tour, the Nokia Air & Style is the highest summit in freestyle snowboarding organised within the TTR.

The TTR World Snowboard Tour, which was founded by snowboard legend Terje Haakonsen in 2002, is firmly established as independent driver's organisation by now. The TTR is a non-profit, rider-driven snowboard federation that aims to represent the progression of snowboarding and creates a clear rookie-to-pro structure. The tour encloses almost 150 independent snowboard contests worldwide. Events are rated via a 1-through-6 Star system, with points allocated accordingly, a ‘Six-Star-Event’ holding the highest. Therefore, the six ‘Six-Star-Events’ of the tour can be called the grand slam in snowboarding.

Tickets for this unique snowboard contest are available through and Tickets purchased via the Air & Style website can easily be printed out at home by print@home without any further costs for shipping.

Nokia Air & Style 07

Place: Munich Olympic Stadium

Date: Saturday, 01st December 2007

Time: 3:30 p.m. – 10:45 p.m.


Grandstand € 36,20 (excl. presale fee) Arena € 43,50 (excl. presale fee) VIP € 135,00 (excl. presale fee) Rockstar-Clubbing € 10,00 (excl. presale fee)

Snowboard Main Contest

1. Travis Rice USA Quicksilver Winner Nokia Air & Style 06 2. Risto Mattila FIN Flow Winner Burton European Open 06 3. David Benedek GER Salomon Winner Nokia Air & Style 02 4. Hampus Mosesson SWE Quiksilver Winner Nokia Air & Style 05 5. Mathieu Crepel FRA Quiksilver Dual Winner FIS-World Cup 07 6. Heikki Sorsa FIN Burton Dritter Nissan X-Trail Jam 05 7. Kevin Pearce USA Burton Winner Arctic Challenge 06 8. Torstein Horgmo NOR DC Winner O´Neill Pro Freestyle 06 9. Eero Ettala FIN Nitro Winner 06 10. Nicolas Müller SUI Burton Winner Nissan X-Trail Jam 05 11. Andreas Wiig NOR Nitro Winner Winter X-Games 07 12. Chas Guldemond USA DC Winner Australian Open 07 13. Danny Davis USA Burton “Rookie of the year" 06 14. Gigi Rüf AUT Burton Participant Austrian Masters 07 15. Andy Finch USA Palmer Winner Australian Open 07 16. Mikkel Bang NOR Burton Winner Rookie Challenge Nokia Air & Style 06

Snowboard Rookie Challenge

1. Iouri Podladtchikov RUS Santa Cruz Winner Burton European Open 05 2. Christian Haller SUI Burton Participant US Open 06 & 07 3. Marco Smolla GER Nitro Participant Nokia Air & Style 06 4. Peter König AUT Forum Participant Nokia Air & Style 06 5. Juuso Laivisto FIN Ride Third of the Burton European Open 05 6. Mason Aguirre USA Burton Leader of the TTR World Tour 07/08 7. Tim Humphreys USA Flow Second Chevrolet Grand Prix 07 8. Louie Vito USA O-Matic Second of the TTR World Tour 07/08 9. Werner Stock AUT Salomon Participant Austrian Masters 07 10. Luke Mitrani USA Burton Participant Olympic Winter Games 04 11. Elias Elhardt GER Rossignol Winner Billabong World Junior Pro 06 12. Arthur Longo FRA Nitro Winner O´Neill Pro Freestyle 07 13. Manuel Pietropoli ITA Burton Participant European & US Open 07 14. Daniel Ek NOR Forum Winner Transition Mission 07 15. Tobias Strauss GER Burton Participant Nokia Air & Style 06 16. Sergey Lapushkin RUS Atomic Fourth of the Audi Winter Cup 07