Nixon showcased a selection of artists from Europe in the premier Nixon Art Mosh that will kick off a tour to Paris, London and Barcelona in the first half of 2008.

Featured artists included Sophie Jarry a Parisian photographer, with a strong focus capturing musicians “onstage & back", who presented a one off piece especially for the Nixon Art Mosh of Iggy Pop (, Santiago Zubizarreta from Vigo, Spain presenting his comic art ( and Axel Pauporté local resident with a selection of photos from around the globe.

Also presented the crazy creations of Moto 777 that combine pop art with collage ( and finally the colourful paintings from Morgan aka SkunkMunki, from Dublin who created also a limited edition print exclusively for the Nixon Art Mosh (

Presented as well, were watches from Nixon’s exclusive LTD Collection, featuring watches made from Tony Hawk’s skate-deck, Gigi Rüf’s snowboard as well as the leather jacket from Ozzy Osborne as well as unpublished Nixon artwork.

The Nixon Art Mosh is a rotating art installation open for one evening of fun featuring the artwork from artists around Europe, athletes and friends.

Dublin’s DJ Mo turned out the tunes and we had a full house as people enjoyed drinks, appetizers, music and the great art on offer for one night only.