...they say great things come in small packages and to those who wait. Well here’s introducing Nikita’s new concept store. Built on the philosophy of the brand, the lifestyle of our customer and the Nikita product range, a lovely dollop of Nikitaness has hit Chamonix, France.

Built around a special co-operation between Nikita and a local retailer, the compact 40 ft square shop will provide snow bunnies and hopefully loads of gift buying boyfriends with a damn fine choice of Nikita streetwear and outerwear to see them through the seasons. On 12th December starting at 7 pm, we are holding an opening party to celebrate and wish you to be a part of Nikita’s history in the making and raise a glass or two to this new venture!

Nikita Store 204 Rue du Dr Paccard 74400 Chamonix - Mont Blanc