Firstly Nikita want to say a big thanks to all the girls who sent in their footage, you girls rock!!!! Right up until deadline day on 30th March, Nikita HQ were receiving a frenzy of entries. With high standards and a wide variety of clips, girls of all different levels and styles took part.

Heida Birgisdottir and her team at Nikita checked out all the clips and confessed to getting pretty excited about going snowboarding after watching them. One of the things that really stood was the fact there were so many girls out there doing their own unique thing and having fun whilst doing it – big up you all!

Getting to the crunch, here’s the results. There’s more winners than originally intended but well deserved and worthy of a watch!

Winner of the Nikita Snowboard Clip Contest and winning a trip to Iceland…

– Ashley’s clip made Nikita HQ want to go snowboarding instantly, as all good snowboard clips should..and some did!

Runners up getting a brand new Nikita Outerwear outfit: ANJA STEFAN, Croatia – Good all round riding

HELEN WYSS, Switzerland – A short clip but super stylish riding

CHARLOTTE TRUNDLE, USA – Cruising through the park with style -

Special Prize for being creative and fun, winning a Nikita Streetwear outfit: KRISTINE BEZBAILE, Latvia – All three of her videos were creative and different, we liked the old skool approach to snowboarding Video No.1 Video No.2 Video No.3