Laura Austin and Pia Anette Brandvik were the two lucky ladies to just experience a trip with Nikita. Picked from hundreds of entries in the recently run Nikita Photoshoot Contest, they got to join the Nikita crew and team girls on their 10th anniversary FW09/10 streetwear photoshoot in Berlin.

Both had a blast, took some photos and wrote about their trip.


A day by day account and cunning plans to make it to the next photoshoot! Berlin with Nikita…..

I was going to meet the girls that I had on posters all over the surf/skate/snow shop I used to work at. Have to admit that I was flipping out a bit on the plane there. Haha. #

So when I arrived in Berlin I stood at the airport looking for the girl who was picking me up… And that turned out to be Rafaële. She was very sweet and cool. There are not so many surfers in Norway, so it was cool for me to meet a girl who surfs for like the coolest girl brand in the world!

We stopped by to meet Heida, Esther and Saadia. I was so nervous, but they were super nice and kind, so no problems there! .. I shared an apartment with Laura, the North American photoshoot contest winner. Shortly after meeting her I went straight to bed, but it took a while until I fell asleep…..

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It began with a misundertanding, a camera and a victory dance

Browsing online and seeing the headlines ‘Nikita Photoshoot Contest’ immediately grabbed my attention. Nikita is one of my favorite brands and when it said ‘photoshoot contest’ I thought they were looking for photographers, not models. ....

About a month or so later I received an e-mail with the title “So do you want to join us on our Photoshoot????"....I read the first line of the e-mail, saw the Nikita logo at the bottom, and immediately freaked out. I think I just started laughing, I might have done a little victory dance, and then I called a few people. After I had calmed myself down a bit I read the rest of the e-mail. I was the North American winner of the Nikita Photoshoot Contest.....

I arrived in Berlin at 9:30 and Runar picked me up from the airport to bring me to the apartments we were staying at. I’m not going to lie, I was a little nervous to meet everyone. I had no clue what to expect. But everyone was incredibly welcoming. I met the whole crew including photographers, make-up artists, the Nikita models / riders, the filmer, and of course Heida the owner....

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