Well what a contest! For the second ever Nikita Photoshoot Contest, the number of entries increased by 65% on last year. We received three hundred entries from girls all across the world, snapping themselves for a chance to win a place on the Fall Winter 09/10 Nikita streetwear photoshoot.

Nikita founder and head designer Heida was among the judges who spent a considerable amount of time checking out each and every entry sent in. A BIG thanks should go to all the girls who took the time to enter. The final decisions have been made and there are two girls who are going to be on their way with the Nikita crew to the photoshoot in October. These two ladies made a big impression with the judges, who are just as excited to meet them and have them join in. And the winners are…(drum roll please..)..

European Winner - Pia Anette Brandvik from Norway North American Winner - Laura Austin from Vermont

Needless to say they were both pretty stoked to hear they had won. Pia confessed she had to read the congratulations e-mail three times before taking it all in and Laura said she completely flipped out, had to re-read the e-mail to make sure she wasn’t hallucinating and did a little victory dance!

In addition, there are also four girls that the judges picked to receive a Nikita goodie package for being fun, creative and stylish and making the judges smile with their entries. These ladies are;

Anne Michels from Germany Sarah Svitakova from the Czech Republic Simone Binder from Austria Lisa Strom from New York