Nikita is putting on girl contests again this season in Europe and the US of A.

Check it out: So now that the Nikita Chickita dates have been set, it’s time for us to get ready! The contests are fast becoming known as the best girls blow out, with an atmosphere and charge about it that’s hard to compare. We want 2009 to be the biggest attended and best time yet!

The level of riding is super impressive without it feeling competitive and the feedback is all positive; best to hear it straight….

The Nikita Chickita contests are well thought out, focused on what the riders need; with great parks, a great course and something for everyone. Hopefully encouraging the next generation of female rippers to get on it, get noticed and get recognised for their efforts. So listen up to what the riders had to say about Nikita Chickita 2008 and make sure to start booking your trip to join us in 2009!!

Jordie Karlinski – Nikita snow team rider, at Nikita Chickita USA 2008: Last year’s Nikita Chickita was hands down one of the most fun events of the year! Everyone was pumped and the jumps were super good! The course overall was put together really well and it was really fun! Every rider got free stuff no matter what age. Everything was super organised and on time. I can’t wait for this season’s Nikita Chickita!

Ana Rumiha – Women’s European winner Nikita Chickita 2008 I came to Nikita Chickita with one friend and by the end of the day I had at least 10 more. Everybody knows that state of mind when you come off the mountain so stoked about something you've experienced that day and that's how I felt after this event.


Sounds great fun. For further information just check their website.

Here are the exact contest dates:

Nikita Chickita USA - 21st February 2009, Mammoth Mountain Nikita Chickita EUROPE - 18th April 2009, Serfaus, Austria