On October 11th 2008, pro snowboarder Vera Janssen and the Icelandic clothing company NIKITA are organizing an OPEN AIR SNOWBOARD JAM outside of the gates of the Jever Indoor Ski-Hall in Neuss. Inscription begins at noon and the Jam-Session will start at 1pm.

The NIKITA BATTLE OF THE BABES, which is open for female snowboarders of all ages and skill levels, will enable the indoor snowboard scene of the flatland areas of Germany, Belgium, and The Netherlands to enjoy a fun afternoon with "NO CEILING, NO BOYS, NO PRESSURE" and hopefully create some new snowboard friendships among the girls.

The Ski-Hall Neuss is supplying 12 Cubic Tons of Snow as well as a Box, on which the ladies will be showing and trying different spins and slides. The main focus will be on the exchange of tips for better riding, trying of new spins and slides, and of course lots of fun!

The Jam-Format comes from skateboarding and is as unusual as the lifestyle itself. The Ladies will be playing a game of SKATE: One rider shows a trick and all others need to copy it. Whoever does not land the trick, gains a letter. First an S, then a K, A, T, and finally an E. Each girl who has the word SKATE complete gets eliminated - the last lady standing wins.

Before the SKATE game as well as afterwards, Vera Janssen will be joining the sessions and giving tips and tricks. There will be prizes from Nikita, Nixon, Osiris, Atomic, Dragon, Suenos and Deeluxe.

Spectators are more than welcome and may cheer for the ladies while enjoying cool drinks and a BBQ. The participation is free.