NIKE 6.0 Summer Lab_by Xiao Ba

Summer riding? In a fridge? In CHINA? Oh well, these days our inbox isn't particularly overflowing with press releases, so let's post this, too. And who knows, maybe there are some avid Chinese shredheads out there who love our website and will love this particular piece of news. Alright, here we go:

Join us this Saturday, May 29th as we celebrate the start of summer snowboarding with the opening of the NIKE 6.0 Summer Lab. Located inside the 'giant fridge' that is the Qiaobo Ice & Snow World, the NIKE 6.0 Summer Lab is the ultimate off-season training facility. The park features two medium sized kickers and a number of fun jib features with a dedicated tow-rope, allowing you to build up a wide range of skills any day of the week!

NIKE 6.0 Summer Lab_by Xiao Ba 4

The park opens in style this weekend with a 1 hour jam session, kicked off at 1:00pm. Tons of free giveaways from NIKE 6.0 will be given out not just to the 'best' shredders, but to those making the most of the new facility and having a good time.

NIKE 6.0 Summer Lab_by Xiao Ba 2

Open 365 days a year, the park is maintained daily by parkshapers ensuring riders are treated to the most enjoyable indoor snowboard experience possible! will also be hosting a number of fun grassroot events there this summer to keep the Chinese snowboard community entertained. Check out the website for more information.

NIKE 6.0 Summer Lab_by Xiao Ba 3