The Nike 6.0 Stairset Battle has commenced. A best trick tour is about to blaze across Europe and it’s up to snowboarders and their crews to vote where the tour stops in the UK.

Parks in every country will battle it out with the one pulling in the most votes winning not only a stop on the Tour but also their own Stairset which will remain as a legacy for all to ride.

Voting takes place exclusively via the Nike 6.0 Facebook page so it’s time to support your local resort.

Tour stops are open for snowboarders to ride regardless of where they are from with the winner from each battle being awarded a wild card for a Super Final in February at a location to be announced. The Nike 6.0 Stairset Battle Tour will, for the first time, allow riders across Europe the opportunity to show off and compare their skills on a level playing field.

Voting is open now until 30th of November.

Tour starts December 4th till February 12th.

9 Countries, 9 Stairsets, 9 Battles, 1 Big Final - Log on to and vote for your park.