TTR champion Peetu Piiroinen has teamed up with Nike 6.0 and Saas Fee to bring a world class training facility to the mountain for the week of 10 ā€“ 15th November 2009. The Nike 6.0 pipe airbag will give invited riders an opportunity to push themselves past the fear of injury. With tricks such as the double cork 10 becoming the pre requisite at top flight performance, the risks of competition level pipe riding are getting ever higher.

With limited training facilities in Europe, Peetu wanted to not only train himself but to give other world ranked riders the ability to safely push the progression of pipe riding in the lead up to the heavy weight events of this winter. Peetu Piiroinen: ā€œ Iā€™m stoked that Nike 6.0 have given me the opportunity to train with my team mates and to help other world class riders in the lead up to some really important competitions this season. ā€œ

Peetu has invited the best of the best to the Nike 6.0 airbag including pipe destroyers Markus Keller, Mathieu Crepel and Antti Autti.