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Nike 6.0 corral some of Europe’s best pipe riders for early season BagJump session in Saas Fee.

Right then. It seems everyone's at it, but at least unlike Shaun White and his private foam pit, Peetu Piiroinen and the Nike 6.0 gang decided to allow any other riders that were a) around and b) good enough to give the BagJump they had installed at the bottom of Saas Fee's pipe a good seeing to in late November.

With pipe riding tearing itself a new exit hole at the contest down under and the Olympics looming, if you're thinking about hitting podiums then it's looking increasingly like you'll need a double cork in the armory. If you're of questionable sanity, like Peetu is, you'll just give 'em a crack on regular pipe walls but it's nice to have a safety net and that's what the BagJump boys bring. Riders like Ben Kilner, Ethan Morgan and Manuel Pietropoli stepped up to session with invited friends such as Mathieu Crepel and Iouri Podladtchikov to double-chuck themselves as safely as possible and get the heads round the rotation so that taking it to the real walls won't be quite such a step into the unknown.

Notorious blabbermouth Peetu said of the session: "We had great conditions for the bag jump and the pipe was in good shape for everyone to try new tricks in safety. I’m really happy with how it turned out."

Pipe contests this seasons will be off the hook. Believe.