After seven years as a professional snowboarder, Jussi Tarvainen decided to reitre and do something else with all his newly found spare time. For example the launch of a brand new website which actually isn't just a website - it's three. They are all hosted on

First of all there is his blog where he feeds the curious folks with news and gossip and even gives some good advise from time to time.

The second one is dedicated to the artist in Jussi. next to his signature line designs he does for Helly Hansen you can find some of his drawings and a beautiful selection of photographs he took during his varoius trips and at home. Go to

And last but definetely not least he also found his very own approach to saving our planet the snow we're so desperately dependent on: The thought behind it is, that as an individual none of us can reach anything - but together we can. Tough first of all we need to reveal the truth and share information so that lies can no longer be used to maximize profits on the cost of the planet.

But what are we rambling on about anyway, go and check it out!!!!