Norwegian newspaper VG have reported on the tentative possibility of a new winter X Games stop in Oslo. Tim Reed, who is the Senior Director of Content Strategy has been speaking with Henning Andersen, of Arctic Challenge and World Snowboard Championships fame to help organise the potential new European X Games stop.

It's reported that Henning and Tim will be joined by Terje HÃ¥konsen and skier Andreas Hatviet to probe the terrain at Oslo's Winter Park where the Arctic Challenge was previously held. For ESPN/X Games, it would seem like a solid choice to hold a European stop of the Winter X Games based on the venues previous success with holding international events and it's prime location near to a capital city.

Oslo was one of the leading bids for the Winter Olympics in 2022, but when the astronomical costs of holding the games were released, there was widespread criticism of the games eventually leading to the Oslo municipality withdrawing their bid for the games.

Whilst these are all sketchy reports and nothing concrete yet, it could be a very interesting development for the future of the X Games series, especially with the teething issues of the World Snowboard Tour 2.0 series.