Testofilms presents: "Daytrader" Testofilms, the crew behind last years “Wanna Play?" is back again with another movie, free of charge.

It goes under the name “Daytrader", and covers freestyle snowboarding from all over Scandinavia with some of the most talented and upcoming riders from Sweden.

Here’s what the crew has to say about the release: “We have a goal with our productions, that goal is to show our love for snowboarding and share it with the audience. You’re supposed to feel happy when you’ve seen a snowboardfilm! We’ve had an incredibly fun and productive season, despite the shortage of snow, and we are proud to present Daytrader for the world!"

Daytrader is released as an mp4-file and is best seen with VLC mediaplayer or Quicktime Pro. The soundtrack covers music from Swedish musicians like: The Crashlanders, Prop Dylan, Montezumas, C-Hall, Elmer, Public Service and Jay-JSon.

So check out the Testofilms website and download 31 minutes of pure happiness and love to the wonderful sport of snowboarding.

Riders: Andreas Gidlund, Mattias Nyberg, Gustav Eén, Jakob Edman, Jonathan Nilsson, Anders Nises, Rasmus Eén, Daniel Blomquist, Nicklas Thirus, and Christian Brink.

Filmed at: Ramundberget, Åre, Kungsberget, Kläppen, Tandådalen, Falun, Borlänge, Hedemora, Chamonix, Stryn, Iceland.

A film by: Kristoffer Davidsson 3d-Artist: Ragnar Hammarqvist Webmaster: Jesper Löfgren