Located in Czarna Gora, 30 kilometers south of Klodzko, Poland, the park is 250 meters long, 70 meters wide and has got a pretty mellow angle which makes it a perfect spot for a jib fun park - so no big kickers this year. There is night riding until 10pm.

Set up (3 lines):

Rails: 1 x straight double barrel 6m 1 x double kinked rail 3m/2m/3m 1 x kinked rail z (flat 10 cm) 3m flat/6m down 1x rainbow rail 8m 1 x rail z (flat 10 cm) 7m

Boxes: 1 x magic box 5m long, 1m wide 1 x straight box 5m long 0,5m wide 1 x box kink 2m flat, 5m down

Kickers: 1 small 1 medium

Check it out!