We know it's a hard topic to discuss, but it can happen to anyone. Do you feel inadequate when it's time to ride? Hey, it's okay bro, Omatic has the solution you need.

Omatic Snowboards is releasing an all-new Limited Edition Todd Richards AWESOME pro model. Veteran film star TR knows how to handle a stiff, responsive, yet very tricky stick that is fun for all to play with. And with his expertise we made one that we're sure you can depend on for long lasting performance. Our specialty retailers will be stocking the boards in late August.

For this unique project, Omatic will only produce a limited amount of each size board, which will only be available in 153 and 156 lengths. Plenty big! In addition, Omatic will make very few AWESOMEs available, so check out the website to see which shops carry this AWESOME base board.

If you experience dizziness, faint, nausea, light headed, rapid weight loss, or hallucinations don't worry it's just a side effect of getting "AWESOME!"