New lighted snowpark at the Sportberg Gaisberg in Kirchberg/Tirol, Austria.

This year, Kirchberg/Tirol is offering some new freestyle action at the Sportberg Gaisberg. The local freestyle club 'TwoBelowZero' worked together with APO snowboards to build the 'APO DeLaNuit Park' this season which is opened daily. Now, every Thursday and Friday from 6.30 pm you can also rock the night at the Gaisberg in Kirchberg! A lit snowpark is not common in Europe, and this one should attract beginners as well as advanced riders, as both will find everything they need here.

With a kicker that has three take off possibilities (15-20 metres, 10-12 metres, 5-8 metres) hat, two additional ramps (6-8 metres), one roller (12-15 metres), one straight and one kink rail plus colourful boxes like the kinked Box (3 metres, 4 metres), the A-Frame box (3 metres, 4 metres, 3 metres), two straight boxes (6 metres) and one rainbow box (4 metres), the Sportberg Gaisberg in Kirchberg will be a banger this winter and offers a lot of fun and possibilities.

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It’s time for moonlight shredding!