Float Film is an all-new women's snowboard movie being filmed this season for release in fall 2007.

The project is centred around the riders and is being produced by a female snowboarder to focus on the level of women's riding today as well as documenting the lifestyle and environment surrounding ladies snowboarding. "Float" the film will take you into many significant influences, both people and products that have shaped and help mould the women's snowboard industry.

The film will incorporate travel sections to remote and rural locations worldwide as well as revisiting some legendary women that have paved the way for what female riding is today.

Shot entirely in HD (High Def), Float will be distributed as a free DVD cover mount on select snowboard magazine covers worldwide and be available as a free download.

Confirmed riders include: Lisa Filzmoser (AU), Erin Valverde (US), Tara Dakides (US), Chanelle Sladics (US), Stacey Thomas (US), Barret Christy (US), Jenny Jones (UK), Jamie Anderson (US), Kimmy Fasani (US), Maribeth Swetkoff (US), Izzy Lalive (US), Gab Viteri (US) and Silvia Mittenmuller.

The project aims to create an outlet to showcase the snowboarding of girls that have had influence on the sport and who are evolving in the sport right now. The "Float" Film will be unique in that it will be driven and produced by the ideas and motivation of the women riders.

More info at: www.floatfilm.com