The Pacific Northwest is getting pounded with snow, while we in Europe are contemplating whether or not to wear shorts. Seriously, sometimes life just isn't fair! We were sceptical at the beginning of the season, dreading the thought that this winter would have a similar outcome as the last one. Then, we actually did get some proper snow in November stoking the hell out of us. We thought, 'Hey, it's all not that bad! This Winter could actually turn out to be a half way decent one! And now we have this shit! Spring Fling or what!?!?!? The depression is creeping somewhere around the corner. In the meanwhile, the states are experiencing one of the best winters in years! What the hell, the worlds number one Carbon Dioxide junkies get the goods?!?! What's that all about. Anyway enough hating! We should be happy for em! Let's hope that they realize the opportunity and go do some proper sprays and slashers for us. Surf's up dude!