It is official! After weeks of rumours and speculation, Burton has finally confirmed Shaun White's attendance of Fredi K's contest in Saas Fee coming up this week starting on Thursday the 17th. White's attendance will mark only his second appearance on European turf this winter, and should definitely ramble the nerves of some of the other riders attending. It's not everyday that you get to be degraded into a frustrated, depressed piece of pulp after the White has given the course a couple laps. More interesting, if he was to win, it was calculated that he would end up with more points than this year's tour champion, Kevin Pearce. However, it was decided that Pearce will be allowed to hold on to the title for this season, no matter what happens in Saas Fee. Hmmmmmmm........we are wondering how the TTR is going to explain this? Don't you worry though, they'll have a legitimate logical explanation for it........we hope.