, the leading online portal for action sports enthusiasts, has had a nip tuck to make it even more powerful than you could possibly imagine. There's even some cold, hard cash to be won for uploading the 3 most popular videos between now and May 8. Read on...

Top of the sick-list is MPORA Local - A fully interactive world map detailing information on a plethora of shred spots that anyone with an MPORA account can add to, comment on, or even discretely share secret spot info with your select crew of homies through. You can even upload photos and videos taken at the spots for the world to see. And if your local hill ain't on there - you can suggest that it damn well should be!

And it's not just snowboarders. Skateboarders, surfers and bikers will all find a wealth of information of spots that they can delve into or expand on. Like the Hulk taking a full clip to the chest, this mother will only get bigger.

Users will be able to build a profile and upload their own photos and videos to stoke out the bros, as well as rating and commenting on all aspects. The video player is better than ever before so you can feed your eyes with heaps of the latest killer action from across the globe, and the new photo function enables you to check out a bunch of stills from across the world and share your own finest 1s and 0s with the global village.

And when you're done checking out everything and uploading your own goodness through the interpipe, you can rant about it on one of the many sport-specific forums. To celebrate, there's a pot of $1000 up for grabs for the most popular videos uploaded between now and 5pm on May 8. First place will net you $650, second $250 and $100 for third. Can't say fairer than that, really.

Get on there, bitches.