2008-2009 was a banner year for Monument Snowboards, we have seen steady growth in the USA and through out the world with our current global partners.

Poised for growth we are seeking distribution partners around the world. The brand is run by three industry veterans that have over 10 years industry under their belts, so no joke we know how the business runs and we know how to effectively manage a brand, both domestically and abroad. Some of you that we are reaching out to, we know and have worked together already.

The Monument Story surrounds the high-caliber artists that we curate year after year to produce what we feel are some of the most unique artistic approaches in snowboarding as we let each artist creatively direct their board series, and we do not weigh down the art with and over abundance of corporate logos.

Monument is a product driven company, with a focus on the finished product and the overall aesthetic of our brand. We are passionate about snowboarding and work with the best in the industry to deliver our vision to our customers.

For distributors we offer very competitive pricing and will work with each distributor to develop marketing programs specific to our brand strategies and strategies related to the given distributor’s territory.

Currently we are seeking distributors in the following territories: Germany, Austria, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands, Poland, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Russia, Belgium, Greece, Turkey, Dubai, Isreal, Japan, China, Chile, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand

If you are interested in becoming a MNMNT Snowboards distributor please contact Chad Perrin, General Manager at: chad@monumentsnowboards.com