When: 3.4.2010

Where: Gastein, Austria

Only a couple of weeks ago we ripped the mountains of Italy's Piemont with the legendary Joni Malmi. He was down there shooting for the upcoming Euro Gap movie. Since he is such a laid-back dude and awesome rider we can highly recommend this experience to anyone. Of course we are well aware that things like that are usually not within the reach of the average shredhead. But sometimes they are: On 4 April 2010 Joni will attend the End of Season even in Gastein (Austria)! It's very likely that this is the reason the whole event will be themed "Follow Joni!".

The third “End of Season" (EOS) celebrates the advent of spring as well as Joni's visit. Malmi is a snowboard OG and was a founding member of the Forum 8, and has since moved on to create his own fashion label Makia Clothing. This very guy will go ride the park with you. A Goodies-for-Trix-Session gives you the opportunity to score some decent prizes, too. BBQ, film- and photo shoot "and loads of freestyle mood" (whatever that means) await you as well!