Film a 1 minute clip, stoke Grilo out by including his favourite trick, upload it and you could be rewarded with a trip to Whistler. Oh yes...

We received this communique from Grilo. "hey bud, good seeing you at the party do you think you could post this contest i am doing on your webpage and facebook. would mean a lot to me." The last we saw of him at said party he was kindly trying to help one of the Onboard crew to pull. Sadly he failed to realise it was they guy's missus but stirling work regardless. Of course we'll help the bauss... Here's more of his chat:

Grilo’s Cliptionary is a competition that connects 3 of my biggest passions: snowboarding, Facebook, and video clips. I want you to grab your snowboard, and film and edit a 1-minute clip. The only rule is that it has to include one of my favorite tricks: bs 540. More info on