Unusual warm weather conditions across Finland takes its toll as the THREE(3) Star Malmi & Oksanen Invitational scheduled for 16th December, 2006 in Talma is unfortunately cancelled.

After a promising early snowfall, the battle arena of Talma was in excellent condition for the core slopestyle event before rain and warm weather arrived. The decision to cancel was taken after careful review of the upcoming weather forecast, which did not look likely to favour the event.

"When Mother Nature and Lady Fortuna line up together against the Finnish snowboarding scene we are helpless. An event we have been planning for a year is sadly cancelled. Malmi & Oksanen Invitational will be back next year stronger than ever, with a set-up that will blow your minds, and hopefully the weather on our side. Don’t forget the Youngster Tour starting in January!" said organisers Joni Malmi, Jussi Oksanen and the Sportyard boys.