After 10 weeks of fiercely fought video warfare, Contract Snowboards have chosen a winner to their 'Battle for Britain' photo comp and welcome Luke Pompa to their ‘Support Young Shredders’ development team.

Thanks to his smooth underflips, backside rodeos, rail shreddery and an insane double backflip, Luke Pompa's entry impressed the judges the most and earned him a spot in the promising Contract team. He will also of course receive new shred-armour including the Contract team’s go-to freestyle board, the Cobra featuring patent pending Snake Transition and T.R.I.P technologies and a set of bombproof Contract bindings.

Check out his edit at

2nd and 3rd placed runners-up Jason Molyneux and Kyle Wise impressed the Contract team as well so they will be shipping some gear out to these guys and keeping an eye on them in the future.

It’s fair to say the Contract Snowboard’s ‘Battle for Britain’ competition’s unique and politics free format has unearthed a huge vein of undiscovered talent in the UK and Contract are really excited about Luke joining the team. Keep shredding and believing and who knows, next year it could be you joining Luke on the Contract SYS team.