The Le Boxx Art Show will be launching at Stapelbäddshuset, Malmö, Sweden tonight.

The show is due to run from 1 - 31 December and includes the work of top riders, photographers and artists: Mark Gonzales, Fernando Elvira, Stefan Marx, Pontus Alv, Jocko Weyland, Rick & Buddy, Nils Svensson, Jaka Babnik, Richard Gilligan, Anders Jandér, Martin Ottosson, Ian Dykmans, BLEND, Simon Sjödin, Nicke Svensson, and Alexis Zavialoff.

The grand opening of the sculpture Le Boxx takes place tonight, doors open at 7pm and there will be a live skateboarding demo at 9pm.

Contact info: Föreningen Bryggeriet, Ystadvägen 46, 214 45 MALMÖ, SWEDEN, tel. +46 40 92 65 85, {encode="" title=""},

Address: Stapelbäddshuset/Stapelbäddsparken, Stora Varvsgatan 15 (Buss 3, stop at Kockums)