The latest trick for you to copy, film and upload to be judged in order to win shred gear is live.

Following on from the frontside 180 and backside 180, it's now the turn of Czech rider Honza Zajic to show you his frontside 360. So if you think you've got what it takes, get a filmer buddy, strap in and submit your take on this classic trick to the Horsefeathers King of S.N.O.W. website. Just remember to show your face to the camera after you stomped it.

Trick 3 - Frontside 360 with Hoza Zajic

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And just so you've got time to prepare for when the next challenges drop, here's the next few tricks you'll have to match to bag yourself some schmutter and a chance to book yourself a spot in April's finals.

Trick 4 - Frontside 540 with Michi Zirnngbl

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Trick 5 - Switch backside 180 with Tomas Tuzar

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Trick 6 - Backside 540 with Tadej Valentan

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