Tadej Valentan – Frontside 360° Tailgrab

Click for more details on the Quiksilver King of S.N.O.W. You can also see Hampus Mosesson's take on the switch backside 180.

Atomic Rider Tadej Valentan is submitting the second trick and you are welcome to copy it! Frontside 360° Tailgrab is the trick of the hour which you should copy on every similar kicker on mother earth and with as much style and power as possible. And don´t forget to show your face right into the cam after you did your Frontside 360° Tailgrab!

Roundprize: Atomic Alibi Snowboard

After 6 years the Alibi is still the most crowned Snowboard of the history of the „TWS Good Wood Awards“! The Alibi is an alround talent and will not disappoint you. Features: D4 Sandwich Construction, Triaridic Prog Sidecut, Sintered 7200 Base, Kinetic FS Core, 1 Degree Power Bevel, Truth 3 CNC milled wood core, 3D Lacquer.

Winner of the first round: Benno Postert

Benno is 23 yearls old, from Innsbruck (AUT), will have a lot of fun with his Quiksilver Package. Watch his Switch BS 180° here:

Ranking after the first round:

1. Benno Postert | 23 | Innsbruck (Austria) 7.49 Points 2. Nuutti Niemelä | 17 | Vuokatti (Finland) 7.48 Points 3. Saku Tiilikainen | 18 | (Finland) 7.24 Points 4. Martin Kalliola | 17 | Lapua (Finland) 7.04 Points