Really good to hear from the man himself. Keep strong, KP!

"Mar 15th, 5:30pm: Hey everybody, i'm here with my brother Adam. I am so stoked by how much support and love you have all shown for me and my family. Thanks for reaching out in so many different ways. I am getting better every day although still have a long way to go. -Kevin"

This is, obviously, great news. Earlier this month, the Pearce family posted another update on the Well Wishes to our Frend Kevin Pearce Facebook page, detailing the positive progress KP's been making since being transferred to Craig Hospital and going through their Traumatic Brain Injury program.

"Kevin Pearce, Snowboarder and Norwich, VT native continues to improve and impress his Craig Hospital therapy team and his family.

Alan H. Weintraub, MD, Kevin’s rehabilitation physician at Craig Hospital, and the Medical Director of Craig’s Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Program and the TBI Rocky Mt. Regional System of Care said, “We could not be more delighted and inspired by Kevin’s progress. Kevin’s treatment team has completed our comprehensive neuro-rehabilitation evaluation, and Kevin is actively engaged in a TBI treatment program, specially tailored to his needs. Kevin is in many therapeutic activities, including occupational therapy, speech/language, physical therapy, counseling, and aquatics therapy. Due to his consistent hard work, his walking, short-term memory, and stamina are all improving. Kevin’s progress is very encouraging."

Kevin’s parents are also very pleased with Kevin’s progress and the treatment he is receiving at Craig. Kevin’s mother Pia states, “We are very grateful to have the opportunity to be at Craig Hospital. Kevin’s rehab is our family’s highest priority right now. We are confident that he is in excellent hands here at Craig. We appreciate being able to be so involved and are thrilled to experience Kevin’s remarkable progress."

Kevin's Facebook Fan page, Well Wishes to our Frend Kevin Pearce, is still the preferred site for people posting their get-well wishes and sharing their stories. All cards and letters for Kevin can now be sent to him at Craig Hospital:

Kevin Pearce

Craig Hospital

3425 S Clarkson St

Englewood, CO. 80113"

Again, if you've got any love you want to share with Kevin, either join the Facebook group or send your letters and cards to the address above. All the very best and hoping your recovery continues as positively as it has been so far, dude!