Keegan Valaika, Nate Bozung, Jonas Michilot and some more of their friends have launched Gnarly Clothes. The convenient thing is that all of them are their own teamriders, too. How those contract negotiations work we don't know but it sounds like fun, which is what life should be about. But let's have the newly found brand speak for itself:

"Before you go off thinking we're some kook-ass xtreme sports fanatics who do gnarly maneuvers all day let me tell you what we're about. We got into this because we wanted to show the world that not all of snowboarding is wack. Unfortunately the majority is though. As embarrassed as we are to say we're part of it, we can't just let it die. The way we see it, this really shouldn't be too difficult. We put people on the team and let them do what they want. We're just here to have a good time. Above all... Don't take us too seriously. We called this thing gnarly, sorry if you don't get it."

Their product is supposed to drop in stores this month, but this will most likely mean somewhere close to their Laguna Beach HQ.

For more information check out their website/blog!