Vivo headwear keeps the heavy hitters rolling with the current signing of Kale Stephens and aligning Vivo with Endeavor design group for distribution throughout North America.

CEO of Vivo, Anthony Leffelaar, says "aligning Vivo headwear with Endeavor design group's existing brands is very exciting because we are also a rider driven brand from the ground up like Endeavor snowboards. I am happy to say we have found the perfect fit for distribution here in North America."

Vivo headwear is Canada's homegrown headwear line backed by the heavy hitters. Tadashi Fuse, Andrew Geeves, MFR, Markku Koski, Kale Stephens and Corey Sheppard.

Make sure to check out the new exclusive brand at the up and coming Know Show in 2010, I am sure they will be throwing a party!

For more info check vivoheadwear.com